Elite Sports Lifestyle Management

You play, we manage

We are fully aware that the lifestyle of an elite sports athlete involves much more than just train, travel, and play.

It is about designing a 360º Professional Career as a successful Elite Football-Player.

It is about living the life you deserve, at its best.

It is about doing things well, by controlling the incomes and projecting the future on time.


We have partnered with the most qualified and specialized professionals with solid reputation, to provide all the best and most adjusted services for that athletes and their families, specially football players, and make their lives easier and more enjoyable which also allows them to focus on what really matters.

We provide 3 main services especially thought to improve the lives of our clients and their families:

Sports Management & Coaching

Lifestyle Management & Family Assistance 

International Tax & Legal Advice



Sports Management service thanks to our partnerships alongside with Coaching mostly focused on football players and their families.

The main goal is to help our clients to achieve their objectives and give them the tools to best manage professionalism in their sport career. Because body and mind are fully connected and taking care of both is a responsibility, we must assure is attended in order to help our athletes to fulfil their dreams.



Toni Prat is a Partner of Andersen and member of the Advisory Council and European Regional Board of Andersen Global. He is the Director of the Tax Department of the Barcelona office.

Toni has more than 20 years of professional experience and has been ranked by Best Lawyers legal directory as one of the leading tax lawyers in Spain.

Andersen is the Spanish member firm of Andersen Global, an international association of member firms comprised of tax and legal professionals worldwide.

We have an extensive experience in providing advice on all types of tax issues. We offer international tax advice of the highest quality with the aim of providing our clients with the optimal decision and minimizing tax costs and risks, always within the framework of tax legality. In the sports area, Andersen advises individuals, sports federations, associations and clubs.


Relocating to a new country, traveling, high-training, projecting a future, exploring new cultures, taking care of your family needs and organizing your personal life all at once can be really overwhelming and can directly affect your efficiency and performance in your professional life.

A dedicated PA will manage as if an alter ego will be, adapting your family needs, focusing on children and personal wellness, re-organizing personal life and routines, under an atmosphere of control, security, privacy, trust and calm.

We take account of all that personal matters to let our clients focus on their careers and make the most of them while releasing them from a huge amount of daily responsibilities. From finding your new home, to arrange your next vacation or get you the sold out tickets you really wanted.

We are not in the business of managing things anymore. 

We are in the business of managing values.

And what are the ultimate lifestyle values?

Time, Information, Emotion.