Corporate Concierge

Corporate Concierge


Our Corporate Programs enable managers and executives to delegate their personal obligations and attain a better balance between overlapping business and personal priorities. For the HR function, this ensures you continue to attract, retain, and reward the best talent available. For the business, this leads to real benefits in terms of productivity gains, a stronger team spirit, and increased loyalty.


Lifestyle Management solutions that optimize and improve the quality of life of your team, reducing stress and helping to reconcile their private and professional life.

Some examples :

  • Personal Concierge attention for your best executives and their families.
  • Concierge Corner implanted into the office, according to a fixed timetable, for the employees to manage: reservations, recommendations, catering suggestions, and other personal issues from a long List of Useful Services, Tasks and Errands.
  • We offer you unique venues for working lunches and dinners with your clients.
  • Personal Assistance Services reinforcing your pool of executive secretaries during special periods.
  • Finding a place for you to have a highly confidential meeting, outside of the business environment and it’s executives, and then organizing it.
  • Looking for any special venue where to celebrate a Corporate Event and compare prices and services. We know everything that is going on in the city. We are luxehunters for you.


Loyalty Programs and Hospitality for your VIP clients help to build lasting relationships and contribute to the success and effectiveness of companies’s marketing efforts by knowing clients’s preferences.

Some examples:

  • Hospitality Concierge Desk to assist your VIP Guests with anything they may need during Mobile World Congress or other trade fairs.
  • Providing entertainment and cultural itineraries, including different visits and the best ways to explore the city.
  • Coming up with and organizing experiences to offer your VIP contacts as a gesture of hospitality, on a budget.
  • Updated flight times. Flight arrangements/ changes. Luggage reclaim (when they don’t have staff on hand).
  • Organizing a private transfer. Welcoming the client at the airport (exactly as if you would do it).
  • Organizing an exclusive dinner inside one of Gaudi’s most emblematic buildings, La Pedrera.
  • “I left some important documents at home, my PA will get them to me in time for my meeting in Zurich.”
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Over 20% of time at work is spent managing personal issues · Confidential · Time Optimization · Easy · Helpful · Social Benefits for Employees · Multitasking · Multilanguage · Easy to use


Loyalty Programs · Hospitality · Effectiveness · Marketing Tool · Better balance professional and personal life · To attract, retain, and reward the best talent available · Productivity improvement · Stronger team spirit, · Time Management · Otimize and Improve your team Quality of Life · Reducing Stress · Welcome and Integrate your relocated employees and their families · Client Satisfaction · Professional Prestige · Save Money · Competitive edge ·


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