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When faced with the dificulties of moving to a new country, starting a new job, daily life etc, Alberta La Grup offers you Lifestyle Management Solutions to help those new to the city begin a new life and solve their problems arising from a change of residence.

It is simple.

We will organize everything that is required for you to settle into the city  from providing a city guide or a list of key aspects of your district and lifestyle agenda and then, day after day, we provide assistance in all the services you require on an effective and discreet way.

The relocation agencies manage the three first things: school, house, car… the lifestyle managers and concierge help them afterwards in preparation for their arrival, and in day to day life….there are thousands of important details to know the lifestyle of a city, not only because the language is different, but because the culture, traditions, the prices, the timetables… absolutely everything is new… where to buy? the way they ask for the food to be cut? Will I find a housekeeper here that I can trust? Or a nanny for the children? What can we do at the weekend as a family? What is the rule for travelling with children in private cars? How do I recycle? Could I have a guide to show me the essentials in my neighborhood?: shoe repair, dry cleaning, list of shops, online supermarket, haberdashery etc. Should I bring my car? And what do I do to change the registration of my car? I don’t know anyone in Barcelona- how can I meet friends here?

Alberta La Grup makes all of this possible a series of activities, so that they feel integrated as soon as possible. Who can recommend a Spanish teacher for the us? And the riding classes for the children? What is the best family beach? There are hundreds of questions, needs, that all families or couples that have just arrived in the city have….and of course, they can be resolved alone, or they can count on our help.

Alberta La Grup supports the  complete integration of families. We stop at even the smallest detail: if it’s important to our clients, its’ important to us. And finally, the transition is smooth, friendly and we allow you to fall in love with the city’s lifestyle, so you don’t want to leave, but rather invite friends to come and see why this city really does have it all!

The benefits for your employees and their families are simple: they will have more time for the family and more time for them to concentrate on their professional challenge, enjoying a better quality of life by avoiding stress of having everything under control regarding the move to an new city and allowing them to better enjoy moments with their family as well as discovering the best things in the city.

How we help expatriate businessmen/ women

Businessmen/ women who are internationally mobile initially depend on relocation companies to help them with the basic and functional aspects of moving so that they can comfortably live their lives. However, once settled into their new homes, what is the best way to provide constant support to people or families trying to adapy to a new and unfamiliar social and urban environment?

The lifestyle services provided by Alberta La Grup are designed to provide continuous personal support to the expatriates; helping them to lead a comfortable and  full life in their new environment.

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We look toward the success of the relocation program by giving support to the entire family to help them to adapt to a new lifestyle and unfamiliar urban and social environment.


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