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Experiences for Hospitality Partners & Urban Concierge Services

Travelling is a unique emotional experience. It is a privilege that widens our horizons and transforms us. We offer Urban Concierge Services to assist you with whatever you need throughout your stay, whether it is for business or pleasure. We design unique experiences for those people who do not carry their own lugagge.

Some examples of Concierge assistance:

  • Someone who can bring Cinnamon rolls with pieces of dried fruit and almonds free (because your children is allergic) for your children’s breakfast.
  • Where to buy furniture and home-decor in current designs, inspired by Gaudí and Modernism and where to buy souvenirs in style.
  • A client asked us for an urgent notary -on Friday and bank holiday in the country- to sign some documents related to some transactions of buying and selling stocks.
  • Designing an itinerary through the Southern of Spain according to your preferences and budget.
  • Organizing the Camino de Santiago (The Way), in luxury style.

To see some examples of Experiences designed by us please visit

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