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Why you need a Wedding PA

We are Personal Assistants since 20+ years ago. We know how to manage time wisely. We know how to look for clients’s concerns and priorities. We know how to plan, prevent, priorize. We know how to solve problems. We are experts on organizing, managing, getting results. And we focus on our clients’s preferences, interests and needs. So, when our clients’s request also to assist them not only on a daily-basis but also to be at their side during their most important DAY, we say YES, we will assist you.

As Wedding PA we will be at the bride’s side all day, making sure she is happy, tended to, and that the wedding day timeline is running smoothly.

Some examples of Wedding PA tasks are:

  • Delivering letters between the bride and groom
  • Helping with Bried’s dress and touch ups during photos
  • Collecting the bride’s personal items after dressing and delivering them to the assigned person
  • Reviewing the final checklist with the bride
  • Preparing and bringing an emergency kit for Bride’s needs.
  • Protecting bride’s privacy and quiet time pre-ceremony
  • Helping bride’s transport your gown and attire
  • Taking messages/gifts to the groom, if you will not see one another

Are we able to plan your wedding? yes, we are wedding planners as well.  We are specialized in helping international couples from around the globe to design and plan their Day. A wedding planner, will help you to organize your Wedding. A Wedding PA, a good Wedding PA, will assist you to keep his/her eyes open for ways to smooth those situations which are important for you, as the day goes along.

Alberta La Grup offers wedding planning and destination wedding planning, from intimate classic weddings, vintage, rustic, handmade to Indie weddings that are as stylish as you are.

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