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Medical Concierge

We provide Concierge Services to help the people from all over the world who travel to Spain to visit some of hte best doctors, clinics that are available.


Some examples:

  • Arranging medical appointments with the most sought-after medical professionals.
  • Making arrangements for a nurse to care for you in your home following the procedure.
  • Making transport arrangements, for example to and from appointments or for your family.
  • Making appointments for massages and beauty treatments.
  • Managing and coordinating your home and taking care of your weekly food and supplies shopping.
  • Making reservations for restaurants and nding hard-to-get tickets for events for your loved ones.
  • Finding the best post-treatment accommodation for you.
  • Providing leisure, entertainment and cultural itineraries for your loved ones to enjoy throughout their stay in the city.
  • Finding the best clinic and professionals to suit your needs and preferences.
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