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Our service is based on an exclusive request bases. As we do not have our own portfolio of properties restricting us, we can therefore search the entire market to comply to your desires.

We are not an estate agency and therefore are not limited by one pool of houses; we are your personal luxury estate agent that can cater to your every need and demand.  We search for exactly what is best for you. We understand your needs and aspirations to look for the best estate in the location that suits you and your lifestyle. We do not do marketing campaigns; we work directly with our clients, from investor to investor, from family office to investor.

Search and Acquisition | Managed Sales.

With our unique and personal services we will find your dream property.

Our services include: the search for your ideal estate (taking care of your lifestyle needs and preferences), the buying or selling of a property, consultation and advice about the current property market and where and what would be wisest to invest in, whether you are looking for a business investment or a private one.

We collaborate only with the finest and most trustworthy partners in order to make sure all your needs are met. Hence we are able to give you an all-inclusive service, including lawyers that are experts in the property market (available in English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin) as well as a choice of top redecorators and interior designers that could help you with your new investment.

Home Management and Concierge.

Additionally we offer the management of your property and/or apartment through our personal luxury lifestyle concierge service. We pride ourselves in our experience in this field and the discrete and professional manner in which we work.

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References and Expertise. Over 20 years we have carried out 151 successful operations in the Retail, Property, Cooperative Building and Hotel sectors. Furthermore we have invested over [30.812.075.986M€] successfully in recent years, which mean [4.3636m2].


Discretion. Time Management. Personal Assistance for Extraordinary Estate Investments. Customization.


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