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Personal Assistance service aimed specifically at professional women who try to balance everything. This service will allow professional and busy women to live a full and stress-free life as a result of their PA dealing with their day-to-day tasks.


Some examples:

  • The organization of the protocol in the home
  • Searching for summer camps for their children.
  • Comparing the prices of homes, insurance and anything else you may need.
  • Sending monthly reminders of the family calendar so you never miss an important date!
  • Organizing a monthly plan of leisure and entertainment.
  • Au-pair for the children, housekeeping, renewal of car insurance, claims, correspondence, ling of papers, send- ing of thank you notes, organising of photos, gift ideas, plans for weekends, camps for children, tutors, keeping of your home while you are away, extracurricular activities, support for the grandparents…
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Time Management · Multi-Tasking · Trustworthy · Efficient ·


Time Optimization · Saving Money · Better Quality of Life · CATEGORIES: Home and Family, Leisure and Entertainment, Travel, City Breaks, Shopping, Beauty, Heath, Personal Care, Pets, Concierge, Vehicles and Transport, Events and Celebrations, Sport, Programmes for Newborns.