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Residential Concierge


We help landlords and luxury real estate properties to offer an experience and a unique lifestyle by providing much more than luxury espaces, amazing interiors and residences. Our Residential Concierge services completely embody the words Urban Lifestyle, luxury living and welcoming.

  • Restaurant: recommendations, reservations
  • Transfer services
  • Exchange currency
  • Providing directions, how to
  • Assistance in-situ, local support
  • Last-minute needs
  • Agendas of activities, cultural visits and the organization of experiences to accompany your weekend.
  • Automobile / Transportation
  • Dining Arrangements
  • Entertainment and Event Tickets
  • Flowers and Gifts: Gift Baskets, Gift Wrapping, Flower Arrangements, Holiday Shopping, Singing Telegrams
  • Garment and Apparel Care: Alterations, Coat Storage (Climate Controlled), Dry Cleaning, Eye Glass, Jewelry, Watch Repair, Leather Care and Shoe Repair, Tailor
  • Health and Fitness services
  • Information and Emergency Services
  • Party and Event Planning
  • Meeting Planning: Audio /Video Rental, Food & Beverage, Invitations
  • Hotel Arrangements, Photographers, Site Selection, Staf ng Services, Business Center

Alberta La Grup go far beyond the standards of state of the art security, concierge and the convenience of valet.

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