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We offer Personal Assistant, Lifestyle Management and Concierge Services so you, your family and your guests can enjoy the city from the moment you arrive, without having to worry about anything. We constantly- yet unobtrusively- provide personal assistance for anything you may need before, during and after your stay. We remain discreetly at your service, yet are pro-active and always anticipating your needs.

Some examples:

  • Arranging language courses for both adults and children, available either in groups or as a home tutor.
  • Helping you in the search for schools and extra-curricular activities for your children.
  • Managing the rental, or purchasing of your house and decorating.
  • Providing you with a list of useful telephone and emergency numbers.
  • Organizing your domestic service, professional chefs, babysitting, ironing and much more.
  • Finding the best gyms, health clubs, personal trainers, activity centres, SPAs and resorts.
  • Making restaurant reservations, as well as other places, to suit every occasion.
  • Maintenance of your home whilst you and your family are away.
  • Taking care of a welcome pack for your new home, which will include simple aspects such as : how to write your address correctly, business cards, notifying friends and business partners of your change of address, copying keys, local smart phone and line number at the best tariff available and buying provisions (according to your list of likes), furniture or house stuff.
  • Organizing everything required for your travels.

Alberta La Grup is your passport to the best the city can offer.

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How much time do you or your loved ones spend on their personal tasks every day? How much is that worth to the business? Enjoy time with your family, friends, yourself. We know that moving /make business in a new country can be a difficult but rewarding experience. Your PA will provide you with local information and contacts to make your transition easier.


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