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From Alberta La Grup, we are also providing Residential Concierge Service for prestigious buildings.

Our Residential Concierge Services strive to embody the concept of smart living and urban lifestyle. We are always ready to welcome clients with open arms, extreme discretion and with everything impeccably organized. Our Lifestyle Concierge team, multitasking and multilanguage are at the owners and resident’s service to offer not just a 5 star hotel service but much better.

From Barcelona to London or New York, among other cities.



We work 365 days a year with both Front Desk and Back Office Concierge. The front desk team are the friendly faces you see on a daily basis who work within the building to directly interact face to face with residents and ensure their requests are attended to immediately, always with the utmost confidentiality. From dry cleaning to prepare the residence at their arrival, or their leisure and entertainment.

Behind the scenes, our concierge and lifestyle managers team are working as back office to complement the front desk professionals, supplying them with information and a helping hand so that tasks can be carried out as quickly and as efficiently as possible, meaning residents will receive immediate results.

CASA BURÉS Private Residences.

A one-of-a-king Modernist architectural building with great historical significance and impressive facilities.

We have designed and created the lifestyle management service since its launching on December 2018.

Butler · Lifestyle Concierge · Housekeeping · Community Cleaning Care · Fresh flowers every day for the reception lobby, among other services.

Family Assistance | Health Services | Beauty and Wellness | Travel and Getaways | Education | Events and Ticketing | Sports | Home Management | Mobility, Vehicles and Transportation | Shopping | Leisure and Entertainment | Access Control | Property Management | Recommendations | and more…

Exceptional Stays

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THE ONSIDER Care Living.

This pioneering project in Barcelona was born from a client whom we have been assisting for years as his PA. A new concept in building management offering not only design accommodation but a complex where Concierge service was part of the essence and ended up being a determining feature.

A perfect mix between extended stay amazing accommodation and care living for goldies, warm, unique and providing outstanding service.

As personal Concierge, we took care of bookings, ticketing, “what to do” suggestions, restaurant recs and reservations, as well as providing best beauty and wellness professionals. Residents were able to have a masseur, a pedi-mani with friends, a personal training or a chef, yes! At home!

Our attention to detail and discretion is a must.

Texto ADO

“Alberta La Grup has been elected to provide the Concierge Service to the iconic Antares building, a design masterpiece from world-renowned architect Odile Decq.

Odile creates global landmarks through unique, cutting-edge architecture. At Antares, her visionary design embraces the personality of the environment, producing a seamless, sensory experience.

Ideally located in the artistic and vibrant Diagonal Mar district of Barcelona, is the highest residential tower in the city and the last one of its kind to be awarded planning approval. The 30-storey masterpiece features spacious floor-to-ceiling windows and private, impeccably designed terraces that provide awe-inspiring views of the sea, the Montserrat mountains and the city, all with the ultimate design in luxury living.


The Antares Conciergerie provides service to the 89 residences the 365 days a year with both Front Desk and Back Office resulting that in more than 300 requests per month, offering assistance and covering all the residents needs making sure they always feel warm at home.

From organizing the resident’s arrivals with fresh flowers and basic grocery shopping to getting the best tickets for the coolest events. With an extraordinary range of additional services, the Concierge Team can arrange upon request such unique services as butler for an important dinner at home, private driver to take you children to school daily and even the whole planning of your next vacation on a private island. There is no limit for the tasks the Concierge Team will perform to make the lives of the residents easier and add an incredible value to their living experience at Antares.

In addition, the fact that we provide our own cleaning service through the most qualified professionals by coordinating with the Conciergerie ensures the best service so that the building is always in its best condition.


All the services are backed up by the Alberta La Grup App, which provides the comfort to request anything at any time and the peace of mind the speed of sharing information and the easier communicate this new technology provides.


** Iconic Concierge for an Iconic Living **

We are not in the business of managing things anymore. 

We are in the business of managing values.

And what are the ultimate lifestyle values?

Time, Information, Emotion.